Mountain Ghosts

First row of pictures is the road near this Buck Creek shelter.  Stayed the night trail cam picked up apple move by something and woke me up.  I must have surprised a bear or something else?  Ten minute lapse between captures. Large faint bare footprint by knife measured 16" x 7", observed heel and toes. Footprint found not far from the trail cam shelter on a hard surface road. Large rock near tree represents location a rock was thrown from across the road at night near where a member was standing waiting for a ride out of the area.

Second and third row of pictures starting with the tents are setup on an old mining building foundation.  Mine was abandoned 1906. Large tree broken off across path.  Large rock thrown 200 ft uphill from camp at 0300 2nd night landed 40 ft from tents.  Other pictures are of tools left behind after mine was abandoned.  Large rock is where the cable car (tramm) was anchored to take miners to the mine over the pictured waterfall up at 3000 ft.  The rock is at aproximately 2000 ft. 

The next pictures are from the Queen Anne mine location of an old cabin that collapsed years ago revealing the drum stove used for heat and the old cast iron cookstove.  Then there is the entrance to one of the tunnels of the Queen Anne mine then inside the mine and looking back out to the entrance. In 1989 a mine inspector Skip Frombach was run out of here by a large Sasquatch. I have not been threatened by anything yet and have only seen glimpses of something large watching  me from nearby trees and sometimes following me.  A bear or something else?? 

The last pictures are of a trip to the Snow Gulch mine the day before the Oso slide.  We missed it by 17 hours.  We were going to make the trip on Saturday morning but I changed my mine to Friday several days before!  As we were getting ready to leave the mine area we heard three very large sounding wails from across the valley from the Squire Creek area??