Mines of the Cascades

Mines we have located so far.








Mountain Ghosts

Top photos  represent trail blocked with log and broken off tree.


Left center photo represents large rock (volley ball size) thrown from a location uphill from our camp at 0300 and landed approximately 40 ft from our tents.


Bottom center photo of large tree stump respresents a location just beyond the tree stump where we all heard brush crashing and stomping at 0300.  Shining our tactical lights we observed a tall person approximately 7-8 ft tall look from behind a fallen tree directly into our light for approximately 15-20 seconds then disappear behind the large tree fall approximately 125 ft from us.  Approximately 30 minutes later another subject looked at us briefly which appeared to be 6-7 tall and was looking at us from behind a tree which was closer to us at 75 ft.


Photo of Knife represents a faint human like foot print that exceeds the length of the knife which is 16 inches in length


Bottom left photo is a camp where at 0300 voices were heard speaking a strange unidentified language.


Bottom right photo represents a location where a rock was thrown from across the road and struck one of the trees behind the large rock and fell to the ground during darkness hours.  One of our team members was alone waiting for a ride out.  He walked across the road and into the tree line to investigate and observed a tall subject 7 1/2-8  ft tall watching him.  He attempted to communicate with the subject however the subject never replied.